IIBMR Academics

IIBMR is a renowned business school of higher learning located on an extensive state-of-the-art campus in Bengaluru offering a variety of degree courses.

  • Academic Administration

    You will learn in a modern, challenging and stimulating environment of world-class research and high-quality teaching by top academics who are leaders in their fields.

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  • Academic Committee

    Members of the college academic committee plan the new curriculum and improvement in existing curriculum and improvement in existing curriculum.

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  • Academic Head

    The Academic Head has overall responsibility to provide resources, staffing and academic leadership for all courses in the College. The Academic Head is the overall manager.

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  • Regional Academic Head

    RAH will be Scheduling & Conduct of assessment, announcement and also arrange to schedule exams/ assessments and internal/ external verification from university. Sharp focus on quality education soon gave an edge to the institution.

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  • Department Cordinators

    The Department Coordinators are responsible for coordinating with the academic team and ensuring quality delivery of a program in campus, as per the set benchmark. They work in consultation with Academic Head and under the overall direction of the RAH.

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  • Personal Tutors

    The Personal Tutor System applies to all undergraduate students and to staff in Schools and Colleges involved in student support, in particular the key roles of Personal Tutor.

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IIBMR aims to prepare a global talent engine, capable of bringing success in any business environment.

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