Discipline and Code of Conduct at the Institute

Indian Institute of Business Management and Research- IIBMR has modeled itself on a management curriculum that extends beyond classroom learning. It is our firm belief that students learn best in an environment that is open and fully accommodates their learning aspiration in becoming thorough-bred management professionals. As part of this inclusive & holistic learning, students are encouraged to take part in a diverse set of co-curricular activities, which enable them to shed inhibition and realize their true potential. Quite true to our spirit of being an institute attuned to innovative and professional excellence, the learning content & co-curricular activities are continually made industry-relevant so as to prepare students for the real challenges of the corporate world. Students can directly interact with the director and the staff concerned to discuss their views and offer suggestions if any in making the program even more exciting. Notwithstanding our noble commitment for a wholesome MBA education, it may not entirely be possible to achieve the primary objective, unless students reciprocate with the requisite discipline, dedication, honesty, and integrity. While IIBMR expects its students to be generally disciplined and dedicated, it has adopted certain principles that govern "Code of Conduct" at its campuses.

Cultural activities provide the opportunities for students to show their talent and apply their skills. These activities provide a common platform where students from different domains come together and work in teams and enhance their skills. The University has different clubs to operate cultural activities for the facilitation of students. The students are inspired to participate in intra and inter University cultural competitions. Various activities like Solo Singing, Duet Singing, Instrumental, Solo Dancing, Duet Dancing, Group Dance Folk & Western, Western-Choreography, Nukkad Natak, Skit, MIME, Standup Comedy, Fashion Parade, Battle of Bands etc. are organized at institutional and University level.

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