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  • Academic Administrator

    Academic Administrator - Dr.Sangeetha.K.G

    “Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get work and deal with them” Welcome to the IIBMR Business school. Email: admin@iibmr.com / Contact: +91 9036988888

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  • Academic Head

    Academic Head - Dr.Twinkle K Antony

    “The Academic Head has overall responsibility to provide resources, staffing and academic leadership for all courses in the college. The Academic Head is the overall manager of all the branches and has an overall responsibility for the quality and standards of the academic programmers delivered in all branches. Email: info@iibmr.com / Contact: +91 9036988888

  • Regional Academic Head

    Regional Academic Head - Usha.N

    Indian institute of Business Management and Research- IIBMR have modeled itself on a management curriculum that extends beyond classroom learning. Email / Contact: +91 9036988888

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  • Department Co-ordinators

    Department Co-ordinators

    The department coordinators are responsible for coordinating with the academics team and ensuring a quality delivery of a programmer in the campus as per the set benchmark. They work in consultation with the Award Leader, under the overall direction of the RAH for the effective management of the programmer in their subject area. Email / Contact: +91 9036988888

  • Personal Tutors

    Personal Tutors

    Students of a batch are allocated a personnel tutor during induction, whose role is pastoral. It is normally the personnel tutor who will guide a student through the personnel development planning process. Email / Contact: +91 9036988888

  • Controller of Examination

    Controller of Examination

    Controller of Examination is a separate entity who understands changes. RAH organize and schedule exams/ assessments and internal/ external verification. Collects grades from RAH, compile as per University requirement and sends it to the University requirement and sends it to the university. He is the one who is authorized to publish, issue marks and certificates respectively across all branches. Email / Contact: +91 9036988888

  • Librarian


    The Librarian is in charge of the college Library. He takes care of the college Library, arranges to procure new books in consultation with RAH. He also guides students in accessing library affectively. The College has institutional membership with the leading information centers. For example- The British Council Library, in the respective locations from which the students can avail their maximum benefit from their learning resource. Email / Contact: +91 9036988888

  • College Academic Committee

    College Academic Committee (CAA)

    The main objective of the committee is to oversee the academic affairs of the college and make recommendations to the principal about academic programs and strategic priorities. The members of the committee sit together at regular intervals of time to discuss with the ways and means to be developed to ensure the quality of teaching learning process which always remains the topmost priority. This committee also formulates the guidelines / rules and regulations of all academic affairs of the college. The Academic committee is formed to give the entire support for the college activities. Email / Contact: +91 9036988888

  • Administrative Staff

    Administrative Staff

    Supports management and students through a variety of tasks related to the institution and to communicate effectively via phone and email ensuring that all the administrative duties are completed accurately and delivered with high quality and in a timely manner. Email / Contact: +91 9036988888


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