BBA + MBA specially for all those who feel that their career progress will be better if they were graduates or post-graduates. This course will also be useful for all those who couldn't complete their graduation, but willing to work, by availing placement assistance from IIBMR.

There are many who could not continue or complete their studies due to various circumstances and have ended up taking up whatever jobs were available. Some, by sheer hard work and determination have stabilized their careers but are facing a not- so- bright future due to lack of graduate or post graduate qualifications. Here is a golden opportunity for such candidates who may be under-qualified but not necessarily under-ambitious.

BBA+MBA with Certification Programs

IIBMR B SCHOOL offers certification programs in areas such as Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Airport Operations, Human Resources Management and Information security. These are some of the professions which are going to be in huge demand for the next decade generating the maximum number of high paying jobs for graduates in India.

Students also have the option of pursuing any of the Certification Programs offered by IIBMR B SCHOOL coupled with this BBA+MBA. Following are the list of programs available:

Dual Specialization IIBMR
  • International Business.
  • Information Technology.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Logistics and Supply chain.
  • Aviation & Hospitality.