IIBMR B-school has successfully endeavoured to bring together a portfolio of Postgraduate Program in Management (PGPM). As a career accelerator, the programme leverages on the students work experiences and aims to create and nurture value-based future leaders to take on higher management roles.

PG Extended Diploma Strategic Management &Leadership – Edexcel (Pearson), UK

This PGPM provides students with a broad work-related focus and is particularly useful for those students wishing to progress to an MBA degree. One of the key features of this diploma is that it engages students into related skills which will provide opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal skills and attributes essential for successful performance in their working life.

The Edexcel BTEC Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership is a valuable qualification in its own right as it prepares graduates from any discipline for a career in management or an executive or management role in any industry. As one of our many excellent business management courses, the program encourages learning beyond classroom discussions and the intense process prepares participants to analyze situations quickly and apply skills to real business situations. One learns to combine one's industry expertise with the fundamentals of management that one is exposed to over the year.

About the Awarding Body

As part of Pearson, the leading learning company in the world, Edexcel is the largest British awarding organization. They offer testing to education providers in the UK and internationally for a variety of academic and vocational qualifications including GCSE, GCE (A level) and International GCSE (Edexcel Certificate for UK state schools).

Program Structure

QCF Level: Level 7

Credit Value: 120

Duration:12 months full/part time

  • Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills
  • Professional Development for Strategic Managers
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Quality and Systems Management
  • Corporate Communication Strategies
  • Research Methods for Strategic Managers
  • Creative and Innovative Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing Successful Business Teams